About Us

Goddess Durga is the holy embodiment of Shakti, the feminine energy that courses through the universe. As Shiva's consort, she transformed into Pavani, the most powerful God and singular source of all energy in the world. It is a manifestation of this very Pavani that we've imbibed in our new line of quality products.

Each product, handcrafted by skilled local artisans, is unmatched in craftsmanship and value. The ornate designs coupled with delicate handiwork make each product truly distinguished.

This range encompasses the cosmic energy of the matchless Maa Durga, turning each product into a journey within itself. From wood and marble to brass and semi-precious stone, Pavani realizes our vision of creating a artisanal range of quality handicrafts that can add a touch of class and culture to your decor.

Introducing Pavani

Premium handcrafted products imbued with the singularity of Goddess Durga.

Our Artisans

The pandemic has forced thousands of local artisans to leave their generational talents and struggle to find a livelihood. Pavani has helped over a thousand craftsmen to continue to work on their craft while earning enough to support their families. I believe, as a 22 year old entrepreneur, that the true essence of Pavani lies in its goal to revive traditional Indian handicrafts through sustainable measures that protect not only the rich cultural tapestry of India but also the local artisan communities that have practiced these art forms for centuries.

Artisanal handicrafts have been unable to compete with modern technology and westernization. We've lost several niche art forms to the cataclysms of history.

Through Pavani, we want to strengthen the cultural and religious roots of our diverse community. We want to ensure that these surreal works of art survive to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

After all, business is never about just one person. It is about the community and people unified as one.